Currently contributing to the CNC tree planting project at Climate Neutral Cardano and the plan is to continue doing so in other projects.

Also, other project donations so far. Our donations do not affect delegator ADA rewards and other tokens rewards, they are paid from our pool rewards.

ADA current price: USD
Total Donations: ADA ( USD)
Type Date Amount (ADA) Donated to Transaction
CLimate 27-02-2023 425 CNC Ala Transaction
Community 06-02-2023 470 Transaction
CLimate 18-01-2023 85 CNC Ala Transaction
CLimate 15-01-2023 85 CNC Ala Transaction
Climate 06-01-2023 85 CNC Ala Transaction
Community 17-11-2022 600 Transaction
Climate 26-10-202220 Transaction
Community 13-09-2022 418 Transaction