Our mission is to provide enterprise-class performance and change the lifes of future generations.

New to Cardano?

Do you want to be part of the Cardano network, the most advanced and secured decentralised finance, with decentralised applications, metaverse, AI and NFTs technology, in the crypto market? If you are not part of the Cardano community already, you are very welcome to take the first step and stake ADA with us as well as earning rewards as passive income. Delegate to Centuo Pool and contact us in case of any questions. Learn more about us in the next sections…

Our Pool

The Centuo Pool is one of the Nodes in the Cardano blockchain network, based in Europe. It provides enterprise-class performance in terms of blockchain block production using 100% renewable resources. Part of its earnings from the block production is designated to the Cardano ecosystem and climate restoration. All this with the purpose of changing for better the lifes of future generations. Delegate to the Centuo Pool to get ADA rewards, other tokens and NFTs.


Centuo provides the latest server infrastructure to deliver excellent performance and rewards to our delegators, by considering the latest tools and using renewable energy. Each of the relay and production servers in our topology is configured with 32GB RAM and 8 CPUs each. Our pool architecture considers using multiple relays worldwide for better performance.

Pool Details

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Not only a Cardano Pool but also concerned about…


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The Centuo Pool takes security very seriously and uses the best encryption tools to make sure the Centuo Pool, related core node and relays are fully secured for our delegators and Cardano network.


Centuo Pool is also part of…

Climate Neutral Cardano

Centuo is contributing with a CNC tree planting project and the plan is to continue doing so in other projects: Climate Neutral Cardano. Also, when delegating to our pools, you will get CNC Ala tokens and NFTs. Follow the instructions on how to claim these rewards at claiming your tokens as well as claiming your NFTs when holding these tokens.

About Us

More about us, the team and contact information…

Our Team

Centuo team provides high-level knowledge on networking and infrastructure latest technologies as well as marketing and the latest web standards.


The Centuo Pool is completely transparent to its delegators, visitors and users and shows the donations given so far to the Cardano community and climate restoration.


See Pool Awards since Centuo Pool was created in 2022.

Contact Us

In case of having any questions or requiring any help on how to delegate to the Centuo Pool, do not hesitate to contact us.

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